Following the huge demand for something new from us, we can finally and proudly present you with Crystalduo version four. The sudden closure of version three came courtesy of the hosting company Angeltowns who shut us down without any prior notice or decent reason. Our legal team are dealing with the matter and justice will be served in due course.

Looking back through the long months of 2005 it has been without doubt a very eventful time within the Crystalduo camp. Personal differences almost brought a permanent end, however our dedicated fans can remain calm as the Crystalduo look set to head into our sixth year.

As always comments and feedback are wanted for our new design. Hoping we have made an improvement on Crystalduo version 3 we still hope to improve what we can. Content wise, we have roughly the same areas as previous. We can promise many new photos and in addition a number of new songs. Finally, huge thanks to everyone for their support during the bad times, it won`t be forgotten, Crystalduo. (Last update: 27/08/2005)


Music Section:

(08/10/05) - All past and present mp3 tracks are now online and available for free download at your pleasure.

Photo Section:

(02/09/05) - Event area is updated featuring all events and the Trip area is now complete.

Funstuff Section:

(08/10/05) - Photoshop fun is now online featuring most of our old work and various new ones. Have fun!