track name: flocking bird
length: 3min 16sec
style: chillout
description: my first track of 2005. has a fairly chilled out feel to it featuring a mixture of light melodies
  and a laid back drum beat.
track name: osaka theory
length: 4min 01sec
style: trance
description: a trip into the sounds of progressive trance. quite an agressive track which features a
  hard bass drum. get popping those pills!
track name: arkhem skylight
length: 8min 06sec
style: experimental
description: this is some kind of experimental ambient experience. it does have a dark atmosphere
  but sadly suffers from quite a low sample rate.
track name: dizzy whale
length: 4min 34sec
style: fun
description: not a serious song, only created for fun. features vocals from my son who was only 3
  years old at the time.
track name: fear main
length: 5min 02sec
style: soundtrack
description: created for the mainpart of a friends computer demonstration. as requested created a dark
  atmosphere which was timed to fit the production.
track name: entity flight
length: 2min 22sec
style: soundtrack
description: created for an endpart of a dark computer demonstration. again, it had to be timed to the
  production. it sounds quite movie like.
track name: kitchen party
length: 1min 20sec
style: fun
description: a fun party track created for my friends who bought a new kitchen and requested a
  kitchen party track to break it in.
track name: i am human
length: 2min 38sec
style: fun
description: no real purpose for this one. created for fun featuring my singing. i should warn you this
  is best played at the lake district or highly populated places.
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